Woodland Hills Day Care offers a unique and different care than other child care centers in Woodland Hills and Calabasas and West Hills area.  We create an environment where children are safe, nurtured, loved, and encouraged to learn, we strongly believe that:

  • High quality early care and education programs can yield both short-term benefits in school achievement and success in a child's development 

  • Sensitive child caregivers can help to reduce stress and hormone levels that may cause difficulties in learning and behavior 

  • Considering that 2/3 of children under six have mothers in the work force, there is a significant need for out-of-home child care 

  • Quality child care programs such as Head start have had positive enduring effects on academic achievement regardless of the quality of the school 

  • Poor quality child care negatively impacts children, lowering school readiness scores and language development -- factors that can lead to other behavioral problems